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Social Media, Crowd Sourcing and Women Entrepreneurs


Tonight I go to the Artists For Peace and Justice @apjnow event and this morning I was on Michael Yorba radio with Clare Munn discussing how social media and crowd sourcing has changed the way organizations like weadvanceu.org and APJ are working. It’s a good thing. Then a great vision is how Gateglobalimpact.com has the […]

Happy Happy Valentines Day!

thank you by Clare Munn

I am writing this with the sun going down, seeing Clare write, and hearing my son roar with glee at episodes of Survivor.  (A show I watched with his father ten years ago and for some reason, Jackson is now obsessed with.) I couldn’t be happier and more grateful.  With all the darkness that comes […]

Why Now?

Many people asked “Why Now?” to my article last month, here is the answer to that. Originally published 12/20/12 in the New York Times Maria Bello: Partnerships, Love and Conversations, to Be Continued By MARIA BELLO “Why now?” Many people have asked me that question after reading my Modern Love column, “When None, and All, […]

Coming Out as a Modern Family

Here is an article I wrote for the NYT about my Modern Family.  Thank you for all the support and love we’ve received since it’s publication. Originally published in the New York Times 11/29/13 When my 12-year-old son, Jackson, asked me if there was something I wasn’t telling him, I replied, “There are a lot […]

Thanksgiving & Thanks For You


After a love packed three days on the east coast with my beloved; modern family, extended family and dearest friends, I am now returning home filled to the brim. As I fly out of JFK I am reading the article I wrote in today’s New York Times section, Modern Love, and I am so happy […]